1. God focus 2. Hard work 3. Consistency 4. Believe 5. Improvements


Nneka is a female born from Nigeria… Who grew up in a family of eight(8) where my parents run a restaurant in the late ’70s to date. I was raised by my grandmother in a small community where I had my early education. Moreover, I proceeded to high school where my life changed from being under my strict and strong-willed grandma into independency as I tried to explore life within and outside me. Furthermore, I attended Enugu State University of Science and Technology where I studied Civil Engineering but that notwithstanding, cooking was my passion…. Its a hobby I effortlessly do and derive pleasure so much from. Nevertheless, after my graduation, I was employed as a Pension Fund Administrative Agent for less than a year but didn’t see myself there and so, decided to run with my passion by opening up a restaurant in FCT Abuja.

Although this is very good and lucrative, starting was like an uphill task because raising capital and gaining sustainable grounds were tough but with self a determination and absolute faith in God I scaled through and now, i run two restaurants successfully at ease in Abuja. Recently, I own a catering school where I educate, train, and impact people who are willing on how to operate a restaurant and even other businesses and make a huge success out of them. I want to teach you how to make mouthwatering African Dishes, help you become a chef, and hold your hand as you become a Restaurant Owner.